Saturday, May 3, 2008

Forgot one other small update...

Found out yesterday that the trip has been extended. We will now be gone from June 21st - July 3rd. And, they've changed this trip into a leadership training trip. We'll still be doing the same things with the Tamar House, Mercy House, hospitals, orphanages, brothels, etc. (I'll post more on that later), but they will also be focusing on training all of us to be leaders on future trips. (hello.... I didn't say I was going on any other trips yet, did I? :-)

I will be sending out an itinerary and prayer requests at a later date as I don't have them yet. Of course, you can start praying for things to go smoothly with the trip preparation, that we'll have safe travels, that we'll all get along, that I'll remember to put on the armor of God to fight off the attacks I'm experiencing, that all of the funds I need will come in, and, of course, above all, that I will listen to God's voice and walk in His will. Not only for this trip, but for the rest of my life.