Friday, August 15, 2008

Answered Prayer

Amongst all of the animal drama these past couple of weeks, between Jack's swollen gum, cancer-scare and Smallz couple of days on this earth, it was a bit emotionally exhausting. I seriously don't know how parents do it with their kids. I was completely distraught and stressed and I can't even imagine how I'd be if these were my children going through these things.

Jack is doing well...

He's back to his playful, lovey-dovey self.

Smallz, unfortunately, didn't live very long, but he was a really sweet little thing who liked to squeek a lot.

But, back to the topic of this blog. I have a happy animal story today. One of my friends at work was telling me about one of her co-workers and how he was stressed out because his 13 year old cat had, somehow, escaped their home and they hadn't been able to find her for several days. The cat is old and had never been out of the house, so it wouldn't know how to take care of itself. We said a quick prayer that the cat would come home and then I completely forgot about it for the rest of the day. Yuree IM'd me at the end of the day with the news that his cat had wandered back home and was safe and sound.

It always amazes me when God, so quickly, answers prayers. It's also such a good reminder that God cares about everything that we care about- no matter how seemingly big or small. I used to only feel validated in praying for the 'big' things... someone's health, the safety of someone, etc. It's only been in the past few years that I realized how much God cares about everything. I pray over all sorts of things now. Everything from someone's cancer to be cured to finding a close parking spot at the mall. Granted, the more 'monumental' the situation, the longer the prayer tends to be, whereas, for a parking space, my prayer is pretty much, "God, let there be a close parking spot. In Jesus' name, Amen." and that's that... nothing fancy. I don't believe that God cares how you talk to Him, as long as you talk to Him.