Friday, August 8, 2008

So sad it's over...

Last night was the season finale of "So You Think You Can Dance?". I'm bummed. I really like that show and, for some reason, this season I really liked all of the finalists. I feel like I get emotionally invested in them... I almost find myself holding my breath every week when they are announcing who will be leaving the show.

Like I said, this was one of my favorite seasons. They were all amazing dancers and all seemed to be very humble about their gifts. I'm not a dancer by any means, but I love watching other people dance...well, professional dancing. I don't go out to the local clubs and watch a bunch of twenty-somethings dancing around. But, because I have two left feet, I enjoy living vicariously through others who know what they are doing.

Joshua ended up being the winner of the competition, and the amazing thing is that he has NEVER had any dance training. He's a hip hop street dancer who decided to try out. I thought that it was great, at the end of the show when he was announced the winner, he said something to the effect, "don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do something. God is in control and He can make anything happen." I love it when I see younger people (he's 17) professing their faith to millions of people. You always hear such negative things about todays teenagers and it's gives me such a sense of hope when you see someone who really seems to be grounded.

Another one of my favorite dancers was Twitch, who is also a hip hop dancer. One of my favorite dances of the season was with Twitch and Khyrington (both from North Orange County no less!). I don't even know what it was about the dance... I thought everything about it was perfect- beautiful costumes, lighting, music, the story behind the choreography... like I said, everything. Here's a video clip of the dance. (if you just want to see the dance, fast forward to 2:20.

This was another favorite with Katee and Joshua (the winner).


Marti said...

So good! I will miss it too!!! I loved this show. This year each dancer had so much heart. Even though I voted for Katie I'm glad Josh won.