Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Days to go...

The other day I was driving home from work, I had just gotten off of the toll road and this particular road does not have much of a shoulder to it. As I'm driving along I see this bicyclist riding his bike along that narrow shoulder. Mind you... cars, and there are a lot of them, are traveling at Indy 500 speeds along this road. I thought to myself, 'that person is going to get himself killed riding his bike there'. All someone has to do is take their eyes off of the road ahead of them and he'd be toast because it seems like, whenever you focus your eyes on something, in this case the bicyclist, your car starts heading in that direction. My mind immediately went back to when I had taken a ski lesson many years ago. I was having so much trouble trying to stear myself on the skis...I couldn't get myself to go right or left for the life of me and I was leaning as much as I could and trying to swivel my feet in the direction I wanted to go. Finally, the instructor came over to me and told me to not try so hard at turning; rather, turn your head the direction you want to go and your body will follow. I was pessimistic and thought there is NO way that I'm going to turn just by looking at where I want to go. But, sure enough...I'd look to my right and I'd turn right, I'd look to my left and I'd turn left.

That principle really applies to our walk with God. Whatever we focus on is what we naturally move towards. If we choose to take our eyes off of God, we will struggle and strain to try and get going in the right direction, but no matter how hard we try, we're never fully there. On the other hand, if we quit thinking and focusing on our circumstances, other people and the world around us, and instead choose to focus on God, we will naturally gravitate towards Him and, not only that, but we'll be headed down our God-ordained path for our lives. time again! I'm actually going to double up again, because there's a particular song I want to put on tomorrow night..."God of This City". It's been the theme song for this whole Passion movement this year and I think that it's fitting to end the countdown with it.

First video is Chris Tomlin's "How Great is Our God".

Now, you will not be watching this video for your viewing pleasure... it was taken by someone at the conference and it's not clear and it jiggles, if you want to avoid motion sickness, I suggest you look away. So, why include it??? I couldn't complete these videos without you being able to hear "Hosanna" by Christy's a beautiful song and she has a beautiful voice to go along with it.


Sara Warren said...

Love the Chris Tomlin song. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!