Thursday, October 2, 2008

Less than 1 day to go.... yay!!!

About 12 hours from now I'll be meeting up with my friend and we'll be starting our mini-vacation. I am SO excited and grateful for this opportunity to see another part of the world. I've heard great things about Vancouver and I already know that we'll have a great time serving at Passion.

I just ask that you pray for safe travels to/from and while we're in Vancouver, that I maintain a good attitude, we all stay in good health, that I have patience and that I allow myself to live in the moment. Please pray that God will place me, at the conference, where I can best be used and to please give me the courage to do whatever it is that He asks me to do.

With that said... as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted to end this countdown with the song "God of this City". It's really been the anthem for this past year's conferences and it seems to be a song that really resonates with everyone, no matter where in the world Passion is at (this Fri/Sat they are in Mexico City - 17,000 students scheduled to attend!).

It's getting a little late and, honestly, I'm being a bit lazy... so here's a video that explains where the song came from (if you don't already know) and the second video is of the actual song.

Enjoy and I'll update everyone when I get back to CA. Have a great weekend everyone!