Saturday, November 15, 2008


Southern California Fires

The apartments off of our exit that burned down.

I're probably wondering why in the heck I'm blogging after having been evacuated because of the fires. But, it's either do this or sit and continue to watch the news which is just serving to confuse me because in the dark, all you see is fire...I can't tell where the fire is located. My thoughts right now are too fuzzy and jumbled to begin to explain today, so I'll have to do that at a later time, but I have to say that it's been so incredibly humbling and I have such a, really indescribable, feeling of gratitude. Everyone, both family and friends have been so incredibly supportive and caring. I think that I may have already used up my monthy text message allotment in just one day :-) So many people have been texting and leaving me voice mails to check in and make sure I'm okay, to see if I need a place to stay, to let me know that they are praying for me and I still continue to receive texts into the night of people checking in to see how I'm doing. I've never really doubted that I have a wonderful family and great friends, but I have just been truely amazed by everyone's support, love and concern.

I can say that I've truely had one of those experiences where I've felt others' prayers. As we were forced to leave our home and I was driving away, I couldn't even hold it together...I actually made wrong turns about 4 times trying to get to my sister's boyfriend's place, just because I couldn't even think straight. But, within 1/2 hour of sending out a prayer request, I had an inexplicable calm come over me. So, thank you all for your prayers and, please, continue to pray that no more homes would be destroyed, no lives lost, that God would give a supernatural amount of endurance to the firefighters battling this blaze and that He would cover them in Him protection, that the weather would turn favorable (rain would be fantastic!) and that God would comfort those who have already lost their homes. All of these things I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.


Sara Warren said...

Our prayers have been continual and we even fasted and prayed yesterday for all the things you mentioned in your post to come to pass. I'm assuming your condo is safe? My brother's friend's apartment burnt down. Pretty sad.

Hope this finds you well!

Case and Los said...

Hey Julie! So glad to find your blog. REally powerful! I'm glad you are okay, I hate hearing of the fires from afar (or any natural disaster)...
I love all your writing I read, the political piece and the book review, sounds awesome! A book I recently read that rocked my comfortable world was Jesus and Empire. If you get a chance to read it, I'd love to hear your opinion:) I'll add you to my blog list!