Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I don't think that I'll ever be too old for dress up...

Here are some of my wonderful co-workers... what a great costume, right???

I, literally, decided to wear my costume at 9pm the night before. I hadn't really given any thought to what I wanted to be for Halloween and just figured that I would take advantage of the denim day at work. But, I know me and I would have been disappointed if I hadn't dressed just doesn't feel quite like Halloween without the dress-up piece.

It was a fun day at work. My company has Halloween costume contests and pumpkin carving contests and some people get REALLY into it. There was a department who dressed up like the Verizon Wireless Network. They had one guy dressed up as the main guy and a bunch of people following behind him with laptops and periodically he would stop and say, "can you hear me now?". Then there was the bowling ball and pins. They all went out onto the lawn area and the 'pins' lined up in formation and the 'bowling ball' ran towards them and they all fell down to the was classic. Then in the pumpkin contest there was one entry that had a couple of pumpkins who were screaming and in front of them was a pie crust, cinnamon, whipping cream and a recipe for pumpkin pie. People are really creative...they come up with such amazing ideas! Anyway, it was a great Halloween.


Sara Warren said...

I am SO glad you posted about Halloween at CG. I was thinking of all of you guys on that day and wondering what the best costumes were. So glad you caught a picture of the Coca-Cola girls!

Miss you!