Monday, December 1, 2008

Deck the Halls

I had grandiose expectations for myself this past weekend. I had planned to get all Thanksgiving decorations down, put in the box and put back up in the attic and to also get all of the Christmas decorating done. Didn’t happen. I did manage to get the Thanksgiving decorations back up in the attic and the outdoor decorations up- yay me!

I have to say that, for some reason, every year I am utterly shocked at the amount of Christmas decorations we have. I don’t know why. I’m the one who boxes them up and has to haul them up into the attic (with my sister’s help) which always involves a complete rearrangement of the attic set-up, just so I can get all of the boxes to fit… so, I have no idea why I’m continually surprised.

This year I had the brilliant idea of trying to bring down some of the boxes on my own. That effort ended about as quickly as it began… it ended just about the time both myself and baby Jesus, from the manger scene, (not to be confused with the real baby Jesus :-) about fell out of the attic. I did manage to get about 7 boxes down before that happened. Several days later I asked my sister to help me get the remaining boxes down… I told her that I had already gotten 7 down, so there couldn’t be more than 3-4 more. 8 boxes later, they were all down. See what I mean about being surprised by the amount of decorations??? We have 15 boxes of Christmas decorations alone… and our place is not all that big. Needless to say, I still have a lot more decorating to do, but here is what’s been accomplished so far… (I still have to take a picture at night so you can see all of the lights I put up out front)

My Supervisors...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got off to a pretty good start! Why didn't your "supervisors" lend a paw?? hahaha :-)

Sara Warren said...

Dang! I only have 6 boxes and a big bag. You certainly have me beat!

Happy to see you and the gang are still getting together.

Miss you!