Friday, December 12, 2008

Easy Way Out???

My plans always start out big, have a lot of attention to detail and
involve a lot of work. Then I realize that I only have 24 hours in a
day and if I actually want to take time to eat or sleep, then I need to
modify my plans. And, so the story goes with baking the sugar cookies
for the orphanage this weekend. I had planned on baking 10 dozen
cookies from scratch, but then I went to Costco and found this
wonderful purchase…

I seriously stood at the Krusteaz Sugar Cookie Mix display for 10
minutes going back and forth as to whether or not I should make the
purchase or if I should suck it up and go back to the original plan of
making them from scratch. At $5.67 a bag (which makes 15 dozen cookies), the cookie mix won out- there would have been no way I could have baked 10 dozen homemade cookies for under $6 and the time-savings was definitely a plus. So, I threw the
mix and the other ingredients into my KitchenAid Mixer (which is the

Then rolled out the dough, cut them into ornament shapes (although they
bare a slight resemblance to little pumpkins) put them on a cookie sheet
and slid them into the oven.

And, what good is a sugar cookie, if you don’t add more sugar to it???
I’m specifically referring to frosting and candy decorations. So, we’ve
stocked up on a bunch of those items and will be taking them down to
Mexico with us so the kids can decorate Christmas Cookies at the
Christmas Party.

I’m anticipating a HUGE mess, but I think that it will
be fun nonetheless.

Cookie decorating aside, as mentioned in a previous blog, we were able to get all 115 kids sponsored so that each one would have Christmas presents this year. Take a look at the stack of gifts I had going in the garage (and keep in mind that this stack of presents is only for 15 of the kids)

Here are some of them loaded up and ready to go in my car.

So, we are off to Door of Faith Orphanage tomorrow morning... bright and EARLY. Actually we are meeting up at 5:30am, so it's technically going to be DARK and EARLY. Please pray for no 'hiccups' in the last minute planning. Please also pray for safe travels on the roads and in Mexico, for safety (in general) in Mexico, for good weather, for all of the kids to have a great day and just for us to have an impact on the kids and for God's will to be done. Thank you all and I'll be posting soon with an update on the trip.


Anonymous said...

You are doing so many wonderful things for children, I think it is perfectly okay to make your cookies from a mix! I hope your trip went well, I look forward to hearing about it :-)

Sara Warren said...

Krusteez RULES!!!!