Friday, January 16, 2009

Go Ahead and Laugh All You Want...

One of my resolutions this year is to be better about taking vitamins. I've got nothing against vitamins and, in fact, I've, medically, seen my health improve when I was taking them on a regular basis. Part of my problem is that it's just not a regular part of my routine, so I forget. But, truthfully, it wouldn't be difficult to work them into my routine and make it a daily habit because I've successfully done it before. Why I don't want to do it now is because, honestly, they can make me feel sick. Either it's taking them on an empty stomach, or trying to take too many different kinds at once...inevitably I get queasy. And, then there are the vitamins that look like they would be more appropriate going down the throat of a horse vs. a thirty-something female...those are always a kick in the pants.

But, the good Lord saw fit to send me a saving grace in the form of L'il Creatures Gummy Bear Vitamins for kids.

This is the part where you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want, but I can tell you that I haven't missed getting my recommended daily dosage of Calcium since I purchased these puppies at Costco. Now I just need to go back and buy the Multi-Vitamin Gummy Bears.

Truth be told, those gummy bears are GOOD! Just as tasty, if not tastier than their candy counterpart. So, while I now have no problem whatsoever with taking my vitamins, I now need to worry about ODing on them.


Anonymous said...

Don't OD on them Julie! hahahahaha

I have iron deficiency anemia and should be better about taking my vitamins...I have these big, GNC Women's horse pills! If I eat them with less than a full stomach...I get nauseated.

So...I don't really take them...and that is why I have anemia. I'm to blame!!!

Case and Los said...

You're so funny. I never took vitamins until I got pregnant, and while I still don't ENJOY it, it's a 5 second pain in the esophagus that's worth it... If you try pre-natal's, I think you'd like the results. My mom still takes them, and I'm almost 30! They keep you from getting colds, and make your hair and nails awesome!! But in the mean time, go gummy or go home:) That's awesome!

Sara Warren said...

Abby takes both the multi and the calcium ones. I honestly don't think the multi ones are good at all. I haven't tried the calcium ones yet but the sugar coating is inviting. ;o)