Friday, January 16, 2009

I Give In...

Over the past couple of months all I hear about at work, in small group, on the tv and on Facebook is this book 'Twilight'. I had no idea what it was about and had assumed that it had something to do with aliens and outer-space...I guess I made that assumption because 'twilight' makes me think of the sky...that's really all that I've got to back up my original theory on the book's contents. It's pretty weak- I realize that now.

So, anywhoo... I did, via word of mouth, find out that it was about vampires and, specifically, about the relationship between a vampire, Edward, and a human girl, Bella. This realization still didn't make me feel like I wanted to run out and buy a copy and read it because I'm not really into mythical creature-type of stories...never got into Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, so I figured that I'd just go ahead and avoid this one as well. Plus, nothing ever lives up to the hype and I always end up disappointed.

Go back to Christmastime... I'm shopping in Wal-Mart and looking for gifts to buy and I head down the book aisle. You really can't help but notice the Twilight series. The covers are all black with something bright red on them (an apple, a flower, a ribbon, etc.). That and the fact that they took up about six shelves of bookspace. I've been wanting to get back to reading and that, coupled with the fact that it was only $8.88, I figured, why not? If I read through the first chapter and am utterly bored, I can always return it. (I would feel, ethically, okay doing this given that I would have only read 1/16th of the book :-)

The majority of the book is about introducing the various characters and their history. The author did a really good job of character building and you have no problem envisioning the town and the people in your mind. So, nothing terribly exciting, but interesting none-the-less.

THEN... about 3/4 of the way into the book, it took a twist, and for those 12 people out there who haven't read the book, let's just say that I reached the 3/4 mark around 11pm at night (when I should be going to bed) and stayed up about 3 more hours to finish the book. The next day I went to the bookstore and bought the second in the series, "New Moon", which, as of last night, I finished and I am 100 pages into the third book, "Eclipse".

And, again, I know that I was previously out of the loop on this book, but I seriously had no idea that it was classified as a 'Young Adult' book... I only found that out when I went to Borders last night and there was a large display of the books and the sign read "See What Your Teenagers Are Reading".


I almost felt embarrased walking up to the display to look at the books! When I was a tween I was reading 'Sweet Valley High' and 'The Babysitters Club', not 600+ page books. So, I again, have to give kudos to the author because the book really does appeal to a large audience and I never would have guessed that I was reading a book geared towards teenagers.

I also went and saw the movie a couple of weeks back and although you hear the usual, 'it wasn't as good as the book', I thought that it was entertaining...althought I still struggle with some of their choices of actors, based on looks. Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme and, especially, Annie are all fine...I think that they picked the right people...but, for those of you who have read the book and seen the movie....Rosalie??? Looked nothing like the book described her. I'm looking forward to the other movies and I'm glad that they're bringing back the same actors (for the most part anyway :-).


Marti said...

I have not given in yet. I resisted harry potter - don't like science fiction. I kind of put this series in the same category. Now Sweet Valley High on the other hand I read every single one. I haven't thought of that series in about 20 years. LOL too funny.

Anonymous said...

All the 7th grade girls in my Sunday CCD class are OBSESSED with this book. For that reason alone, I have avoided reading it! They bring it to class, and I have to make them put it away...we are in a religion class not a vampire class!!!!

But, I admit I am intrigued and have heard from many grown women that it is really a good book. I know I will have to check it out soon :-)

Sara Warren said...

The series is written by an LDS (Mormon) woman so its hype has been big for a while now in the LDS community amongst teens & women alike. I have yet to give in. My friend and I are the only remaining Mormon girls I think. My Aunt gave me her copy to read and I've yet to break down but your post is making it tempting.

Kristi said...

Hi--I just found your blog by accident, and I've been having fun reading it! Twighlight . . . yeah--I read the series a few months ago--couldn't put it down . . . and felt embarrassed. I still haven't been to the movie. Just seeing who they cast for Edward confused me--not what I imagined. In fact, I've racked my brain trying to think could have played the part, and I keep coming up empty. Any ideas?