Monday, January 5, 2009


One of my daily blog reads is Stuff Christians Like. It is a hilarious look at the Christian life and some of the habits we have ... i.e. 'the side hug'. Rather than give a 'normal' hug, facing one another and wrapping both arms around one another, we come up to someone, take one arm, put it around their shoulder and only the side of the hips touch. I would say that this is moreso when it's someone that you aren't overly familiar with or if it's a boy/girl hug and either/both the boy and/or girl are married to someone else, because with my girlfriends, I give 'normal' hugs...but, I've definitely been known to side hug. The blog author is great at painting a picture in your mind with his words and oftentimes the comments from readers are equally hilarious. Every few blogs, he'll usually quip in with a more serious-toned blog, that isn't poking fun at anything/anyone and today was one of those. He made a New Year's resolution for himself and it's definitely one that I need to be more active in pursuing. So, here you go...

"...I think that each day, God gives us all a chance to be the unexplainable. To help someone when it doesn’t make sense. To love someone who is refusing to love us. To share something that, on the surface, leaves us with nothing of our own.

That is what evangelism is to me, the simple act of being the unexplainable.

That is my goal this year.

When cool goes right and God asks me to go left, I want to do the unexplainable.

When easy is up and God asks me to go down, I want to do the unexplainable.

When fake is free and honesty is expensive, I want to do the unexplainable.

I want to live my life in a way that raises questions. I want my actions and my attitude and everything I am to encourage people to think, “There’s something else.”

That’s my hope for you this year. That’s my hope for me this year.

Let’s be the unexplainable.


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That is beautiful! So very uplifting!

Our priest gave a wonderful homily yesterday about learning to let go of constantly "planning for the future". He said that once we let God plan for us and lead us to do His will...we find ourselves taken on some wonderful adventures. He just returned from a trip to an orphanage in Guatemala that he decided to visit at the very last minute, just a week ago. Once he made that decision to go to Guatemala, all these amazing events kind of fell into place to help him do God's work when he arrived. Non-believers may call them coincidence....but God clearly had a plan for every minute of Father Stefan's trip down there :-)

Anyway, the point is....I was thinking about you and the great trips that you take to help others and spread God's message.

I am resolving this year to worry less about "planning" for the little insignificant things, and allowing God to guide me on my own adventure!

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