Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

I obviously can’t let this day go by without at least acknowledging it.

Our 44th President has come into office. Our first African-American President.

I recognize that this day is, as everyone’s referring to it, ‘a historic moment’, but for some reason I don’t feel…I don’t know what you’d call it… excitement? awe? pride? that I see many people experiencing today. Don’t get me wrong- intellectually I recognize the significance, but I’m just not emotionally there. I’m sure that I can’t fully comprehend the depth of the moment as much as say, someone who is African American. But, when I think to myself, ‘what if it were a woman up there being sworn in?’ Sadly, I still don’t think that I would feel that overwhelmed or emotional.

It’s sad. I wish that I could feel something more than just a mild interest in today’s activities.

I would have taken the time to watch my TiVO’d Inauguration Ceremony if the friggin' frackin' TiVO had actually done the job it was created to do!!! It claimed to be recording the inaugeration, but what did I end up with????? An infomercial, that's what! But, thanks to technology, I watched most of it on the computer through CNN.com. I thought his speech was good, but I'm going to have to go and actually read the text of the speech. I swear I must be a little ADD, because I cannot focus on anything for too long...it's frustrating...and, thus the reason I need to just sit down and read through it. If I'm being honest, I was more impressed that he seemed to have the speech all memorized. Were there teleprompters??? Even if there were, you'd never know he was reading from them. And, if it was memorized- kudos to him! Good memory.

I also enjoyed Pastor Rick’s prayer and it was nice seeing a man who has been, for me, the personification of integrity, humility and generosity, get to have that amazing opportunity. Poor Pastor Rick. Sometimes I think that he has been bashed just as much as any of the political candidates. He’s been threatened with numerous lawsuits, from various groups, claiming that if he used “Jesus” in his prayer, they were going to sue him. The latest papers he was served, last week, stated that they were going to take him to court if he mentioned ‘God’ in his prayer.

IT’S A P-R-A-Y-E-R PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If ever there was a time to mention God, a prayer would be it!

So, I found it to be especially amusing that, not only did he say ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’, but he invoked the name of Jesus in a couple of other languages and/or names that Jesus is also known by. Loved it!

I will say that it’s nice to see people feeling hopeful. I was not an Obama supporter and I vehemently disagree with him on several things, but he has been elected into office and no one is elected into a leadership position without God allowing it; so, it’s now our responsibility to pray for him. I’m hopeful that God can change Obama’s heart and I’m hopeful that Obama will listen to God’s promptings and callings on his life. I pray and God will do the rest.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping and praying that our new President leads our nation in the right direction.

I do think he and his family seem very tight and that they have a strong faith. Let's hope that they truly do :-)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey I just ran into your blog, hope that's alright. I thought Rick's prayer was just incredible - the highlight of the day, really. It was humble and inclusive yet unmistakably evangelistic.