Saturday, June 21, 2008

24 hours to go...

Really busy day today. It seems like it doesn't matter how far in advance I start getting ready for a trip, I still feel like I'm scrambling at the last minute. Lots of washing, ironing and rearranging clothes to make everything fit. As you can tell from the picture, my friends came over tonight around 7 and we ordered pizza and watched old episodes of 'Friends'. Dana brought over these Jet Lag pills that I had wanted to buy, but hadn't had the time to do so and she also bought me my favorite perfume, Philosophy's 'Amazing Grace', in a travel size. It was really nice of her- thanks Dana! :-)

It's so funny how our topics of conversation are so all over the place... traveling, VGL (lol), food, homelessness, the pros and cons of the Mama Mia Pizza Hut pizza crust versus the traditional Pizza Hut Pizza crust - we all have very strong opinions about our food choices :-) and about how all of our diets will start tomorrow, (me not so much) so that we can feel free to eat as much pizza and pie as we want tonight... which is good considering we each got our own pizzas to eat. Okay, well I feel like I'm going to get to the point where I'll start rambling, so I'll end it now, but here are a couple of other pictures from the evening.