Friday, June 27, 2008

Same-Same, but Different

This is a very common saying in Thailand. When you are comparing something between America and Thailand, and it's a similar custom, they will say 'same-same, but different'.

I've done a bit of baking the past couple of days- we taught a trainer at the Tamar Center how to make Lemon Meringue, Apple and Pineapple Pie, bread, and pizza dough. They all came out really well (phew) and the trainer seemed really excited to start selling pies and pizza dough in her shop. We had a lot of fun spending the day together... although, I forgot that a pie pan was hot and I grabbed it. I spent the next 30 min with my hands in ice and I only have one small blister on one finger, so I fared pretty well.

Last night we went to another bar, Robin Hood. For the first time, I really didn't feel good about being there at all. I felt very uncomfortable with the guys looking at us and I felt like I needed to go up and explain that we weren't for sale and to get lost, but I didn't :-) Plus, I kept getting the chills while I was in there- I haven't gotten the chills since I stepped off of the plane- it's too hot!!! We met up with an American pastor who runs an HIV Hospice and the Mercy House- prison outreach and orphanage. He's a really amazing person- very grandfather-ly. We'll be going to both the orphanage and prison ministry later this week. At the end of last night, we went to part of an all-night prayer session at the Tamar Center for Pattaya Praise (Christian Festival) that takes place in November. I loved it because I walked into it and they decided at that point to take a break and the musicians come up to the front and start playing a song. They were playing "How Great is Our God" in Thai. Then they switched over to English. It was really incredible!!!

Today we are doing a beach ministry- ministering to the beach girls- same as the bar girls only they work the beaches. We are then going to a baby orphanage in the afternoon and going to an area that has pediofiles this evening - yay!! :-) We're probably just going to drive through. Thank goodness.

Well I'm running out of time on the internet- 2 min to go! Please keep praying and love to you all!