Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God of This City

Well, we've made it half way through our second day and things are going great! I've got a good night sleep last night and feeling much more rested today. This morning, after breakfast, we headed our to the Tamar Center for their Wednesday Worship Service. I was a bit delayed getting into the room and the service was already underway; but, when I walked in, they started playing this song (hadn't started the lyrics yet) and I'm thinking to myself, 'hmmm, I know that I know this song. I sat down and then it hit me what song it was- 'God of this City'. I think that my jaw practically dropped to the floor and not only that, but they sang it in English and this was a room that was 90% Thai speaking and they were all singing it in perfect English. It was truely one of those God moments. Especially, considering the first time I heard the song, at the L.A. Passion Conference, was when I was trying to make a decision to go to Thailand or not, and that song and that conference were key in God telling me He wanted me to go. There really aren't words to express what I was feeling- it was, again, such a God moment and it gave me, again, confirmation that I was exactly where God wants me to be at this time. Truely amazing.

Afterwards, we received a tour of the center and watched a video on what the center is all about... I'm going to try and post it when I get home. It's such a great organization and they do such selfless, sacrificing work. Next we had the opportunity to teach English to a few of the bar girls. My girls' name was Wei and she was so sweet and she learned how to say "She is brushing her teeth. She is washing her hair. She is eating breakfast." and numerous other everyday phrases. At the end, I prayed for her and her family and she held my hand for a while and gave me a big hug, which is fairly uncommon for Thai people as they usually don't show affection. She asked us if we'd be coming back on Friday to teach again and it looks like God heard here because not 15 minutes later our schedules freed up on Friday and we'll be able to return and teach English again.

We continue to have amazing food. Today we had more Thai food (surprise :-) and we had this fruit, Queen's Fruit and Leeches and, oh my gosh, we have to find some way to get them imported to America- the best fruit I've ever had!!! In about 20 minutes we are meeting up with the rest of the team and we'll be heading back out to the bars, but this time, we'll be going into the bars and actually sitting down and talking to the girls. I just continue to pray for protection and that God would give me the words that He wants me to share with them. Tomorrow I'll be working with our Trip Leader to teach a baking class amongst other things. There are so many details that I just don't have the time to write, but you'll hear probably more than you ever wanted to hear when I get back! And, when I do get home, I'll have more time to fill in the blanks. Love to you all!