Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flip Flops

No, I'm not talking about the sandals. I'm referring to my stomach because that is what it's been doing ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes it's the good, I'm-excited-to-go flip flops and other times it's the what-the-heck-am-I-doing flip flops. I've had to ask people to repeat things to me numerous times because my mind is racing 100mph and it just doesn't have room to retain any additional information. So, if you've had to deal with that side of me, I'll just apologize now and ask that you bare with me cause it's not gonna get better these next few days :-) Besides the forgetfulness (although you really can't call it forgetfulness because in order to forget something, you have to have remembered it at some point in time), it feels like every emotion is amplified 100x. When I'm excited, my heart is racing and I can't stop smiling and that's great. No complaints there. But... the reverse is true too... something that might normally be a minor disruption or a small irritation, has, all of a sudden, become a big production and it's going to have serious implications and somehow it's 'the end of the world'. Prime example: I've been having allergies these past few mornings and today I was in a meeting and there was a slight twinge in my ear. Now for the next couple of hours I'm trying not to freak out because this slight twinge could explode into a full blown ear infection and we all know that you can't fly with an ear infection, or if you do, you could seriously damage your ears, so I wouldn't be going on the trip. See? Psycho. Definitely, a huge prayer of mine is for peace. I need to trust God more and turn all of my worries over to Him. I need to just settle down. I need to just relax. I need to go to bed... that's what I need to do. Have a good night- talk to you soon.