Sunday, June 22, 2008

And I'm off... (Prayer List)

In 30 minutes I'm leaving to go meet up with the team at the Saddleback Church parking lot where we'll board a shuttle to LAX airport for an 10:55pm flight straight through to Bangkok, Thailand. We'll be landing in Bangkok at 6am Tuesday morning... it's still so weird that Monday will actually not exist for me :-) I can't thank you all, again, so very much for all of your encouragment, calls, emails, posts, and, above all, prayers!!! Please keep your prayers coming- they make all the difference in the world. I love all of you so much and I hope to have the opportunity to keep everyone posted while in Thailand. Regardless, I can't wait to have the chance to share my experiences and how God works in our lives, as a team, and in the people we come in contact with. Thank you and God bless!!!

Prayer List:

- God's will to be done
- Team unity- we'd all get along well and give one another grace
- Safe travels
- Flights - Thai International Flight 795 from LAX to Bangkok
- Thai International Flight 794 from Bankgok to LAX
- Shuttles/buses/transportation while in town
- All luggage to arrive
- Safe/clean hotel w/air conditioning
- Jomtien 12 in Pattaya Beach June 24-29
- Ruacmchitt Travel Lodge in Bangkok June 30- July 3rd
- Good health before, during and after the trip
- Safety- prayers for God to place a hedge of protection around us
- Prayers for those family/friends at home- for peace of mind, good health and safety
- We maintain humble and service-oriented hearts/attitudes
- Protection from spiritual attacks
- Good weather- low heat/humidity
- Plenty of food/clean water
- Opportunity to communicate with people back home using phone/email
- We'd have down time to relax and have quiet time reading/praying/etc.
- That we would allow ourselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus
- We'd listen and be receptive to God's still small voice
- Courage to follow God's leading
- Wisdom on how to handle any situations that may come across our paths
- We'd maintain an attitude of flexibility and compassion for each other and those around us
- God would speak through us
- The people of Thailand- that their minds and hearts would be open and receptive to the message God will speak through us and that God would use us to change lives for the better


oldgoofy said...

Julie this is a great site. I just wanted to say just remember GOD is always with you and he will not let you fall.
Love You