Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazing People

Today was my last day at work before leaving. It was more emotional than I thought. Last year I thought, for sure, that I was going to break down before leaving work, but I didn't. This time I thought that I wouldn't have a problem and low and behold... waterworks. I think that it was just because everyone was being so great. Everyone at work has been so supportive and encouraging and they are all excited for me and they've told me they'll be checking this blog (hi girls!). It's just overwhelming the response I've received. Some of the things people have said, either in person or in email, have just been amazing. Very humbling.

On a lighter note, we were talking at work about the weather in Thailand and how it's supposed to be very hot and humid (yay!) and everytime I think about humid weather, I think about that episode of 'Friends' when they go to the carribean or some tropical island... maybe the Bahamas... and Monica's hair reacts to the humid weather. Let's just hope that the humidity doesn't do this to my hair...

In this episode, ultimately, Monica ends up putting her hair in cornrows to stop having to deal with her hair. I do not care how humid it is... I will NOT be putting my hair in cornrows :-)

After work I ran over to the Soccer Post. As the name suggests, it's a store in Yorba Linda that specializes in soccer equipment. The assistant manager had told me that I could come in and pick up some soccer balls and she would give me a discount because they were being bought to take to an orphanage. We had initially talked about a price of $5 per ball, and that's a pretty good deal in itself; but, when I arrived today, she gave them to me for $3.00 a piece. I bought 10 and then she said that she was going to throw in an extra 7 for free! Here's a picture of the pile of them (they aren't blown up for traveling purposes- will pump them up when we get there).

When I got home, I had another surprise waiting for me. My sister had bought me a hat from Disneyland to wear ...

It's very cute. It's a brown courderoy material with pink embroidery. She also had gotten me a ring that I had lost a couple of months ago. It's a simple silver band and it has "Faith, Hope, Love & Peace" engraved on it. I was so bummed when I lost it (and I still have no idea where I lost it) and I was just thinking last night that I wish that I had the ring to take with me so I was really happy to have another one. I should glue this one to my finger. I'm a clutz and if I don't break it, I lose it. Tomorrow I think that I'll be finishing packing, going to church and then a few of my bestest friends :-) are coming over for pizza, salad and lemon meringue pie. Really, their coming over to keep me sane and to distract me. Knowing them, they'll do just that. My stomach will probably hurt from laughing by the end of the night and I'm looking forward to it.


Dana said...

Lemon Pie! Yes! Oh your stomach will be hurting and your jaw will hurt from smiling. No worries there.